Family Nouri still has hope and does not ask to stop pleas

Ajax also brought on behalf of the family of Nouri a message out.

"They know that they still have hope and they ask not to stop the begging prayers."

Also General Manager Edwin van der Sar of Ajax responded Thursday taken aback on the news about Francesco Jeremiah Nouri. The club reported that the young footballer severe and permanent brain damage has left over to his collapsing last Saturday during an exhibition game in Austria.

"This is the worst possible message. It's terrible. We feel tremendously along with his parents, his siblings and his other relatives. For them, this is suffering indescribable, "said the old-keeper on the website of Ajax. "The blow is also adamant arrived here at Ajax, though we knew we had to keep with this scenario."

Director Van der Sar further speaks of the uncertain days that the family and the club have gone through. "Where a lot of people in different ways have sympathized with his situation. That is hugely appreciated. I also noticed that the entire club there since Saturday. Jamie is such a great talent, but unfortunately we will never know how far its star would have reached if this had not happened. "