New spectacular fountain in Casablanca closed due to vandalism and pollution

Faced with the increase in vandalism and left waste pollution, the local development agency Casa Aménagement decided to the fountain at the Mohammed V square.

Just open to the general public is the new fountain at the Mohammed V square now already closed. This is decided by Casa, the local development agency Aménagement those particularly responsible for this project, reports Lefr360.

Published on Casa Aménagement pictures that is entirely unworthy. There is all kinds of waste both in the fountain to see if the direct environment, where the maintenance team daily. "Many parts of this space are buried under the dirt", regrets the company.

Also visitors are responsible for cleaning the fountain. Casa Aménagement calls to be more alert to visitors on and participate in the cleaning of this space, "especially since there are 14 trash cans on the square". Or they want to indicate that the fountain is made open in the short term is not clear.