NCTV: no concrete threat around European Football Championship

There is no concrete threat around the European Football Championship for women that will be held in Netherlands.

The National Coordinator for combating terrorism and security (NCTV) has no evidence that there will be an attack during the Championship.

However, there are in consultation with the host cities and the KNVB precaution measures, such as visible presence of the police and sharp access controls around the stadiums, thus the NCTV Thursday.

The NCTV points out that the message in the media by Wednesday a call was to an attack and no announcement. "At present, the no signals received NCTV effect to that call".

The precautions are taken because the NCTV despite no concrete threat, not to the call beyond wants to go. This because the message "others on ideas can bring".

According to the the European Championships women's football is safe to visit NCTV. The Championship starts Sunday. If the signals change, the NCTV about the threat that this is communicated and that further measures are taken.