' Marhaba ' 2017:747,000 Moroccans arrived via transit points

It is hard now, since the launch of the operation ' Marhaba ' there are now 2017 747,000 Moroccans residing abroad arrived in Morocco through the various transit points.

Abdelkrim Benatiq, the Minister responsible for Moroccans residing abroad (MRE's), reported this yesterday during the weekly Council of Ministers.

This number was still 425,000 last week and the number of Moroccans living abroad since this week so massively towards Morocco for holidays and family visit.

The Government spokesman, Mustapha Regina, be in the press statement after the Council of Ministers on that more than 5 million Moroccans abroad, of which almost half are visiting the Kingdom each year, 70% of them are younger than 45 years and 20% are born in the living countries.

The Minister also has in his presentation said that the remittances of MRE's increased significantly, in 2016 it went into total to 62 billion dirham and from January to May this year is more than 24 billion dirham, Lefr360 reports.

He also said that in 2016 17% of the MRE's via land transport returned to the Kingdom, 41% 41% opted for sea transport and in air transport.

The Minister added that there is a plan implemented for the development of the reception facilities and the enhancement of the services to the Moroccans of the world, that there are 17 evacuation centers have been set up inside and outside the Kingdom, as well as a plan for medical services, by the central role of the Mohammed V Foundation for solidarity.

Other measures have been taken in the field of security, communications, legal and administrative support and cultural development, as well as the development of investment by Moroccans of the world. In addition, there is the creation of a virtual region called ' region 13 ' which is aimed at facilitating the integration of Moroccan entrepreneurs of the world (MeM) in the Moroccan economy in cooperation with the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM).