Azrou opens new provincial hospital

The new provincial hospital ' 20 aout ' was yesterday opened in Azrou.

With an investment of nearly 132 million dirham has the new hospital a capacity of 64 beds.

"The creation of this hospital offers specialized medical services to the inhabitants of the region and contributes to the improvement of care in the province of Ifrane," according to the Health Minister, Sama Louardi, in a statement to the press.

This hospital, built on an area of more than 7,900 m2, will have a population of 158,223 people. It also tries the shortfall in medical frames in the province of Ifrane to overcome, said Louardi.

The hospital is equipped with first-aid equipment as well as artificial resuscitation and ventilation equipment. It includes mother-child services, surgical and medical specialties, as well as a laboratory, an outpatient clinic and a diagnostic room.

In addition, it also includes medical units equipped with diagnostic equipment in various specialities: gastrology, urology, Gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, diabetes, ophthalmology, Pediatrics and general medicine, reports medias24.