The burkini in Zanzibar

The beautiful island of Zanzibar where the everyday life around the sea, but where the vast majority of the girls never learns swimming.

About 98% of the population in Zanzibar is Muslim. The girls are not encouraged to learn to swim in Zanzibar and often this is caused by the absence of swimsuits. But also because it is not just that girls there swimming.

Until the Pain project has been created. The name "Pain" means in Swahili big fish. This project has spent the past years deployed to local women and girls to learn to swim.

The drowning rate in Zanzibar is the highest in the world. Pain teaches the girls not only swimming skills but also gives lessons in water safety and prevention techniques. The project has also resulted in burkini's where these women can swim.

The introduction of the burkini let these women finally in the water and gives them more freedom.