Dutchman led large gang meat fraudsters

Jan f., a notorious Dutch meat trader who in april was arrested in Belgium on the orders of Europol, led a large international gang of fraudsters meat.

Europol, the European police cooperation, reports Sunday that a total of 65 suspects are arrested in connection with the scandal.

The 67-year-old f. led the operation from the province of Alicante. He is being sued for forgery, animal abuse and obstruction of Justice.

The massive fraud began in 2013 when in Ireland horse meat was discovered in only beef hamburgers that contain had. With the horse meat, which is not suitable for human consumption was, turned out to be fiddled. So were found to have been faked identification chips of animals and is messed with documents. The animals were kept in appalling conditions.

Jan f. is already in Netherlands convicted of cheap horse meat sold as expensive sex beef. The criminal profits that he made was estimated at 2.6 million euros.

His company Draap (the reverse of horse) in 2013 was also associated with the then major European paardenvlees scandal. In several European countries was horse meat found in meals with beef on the label.