Gendarmerie Kenitra rolls out international auto theft network on

The gendarmerie of Kenitra knew by ingenuity to detect this network detection work.

A long time undisturbed international anti-theft gang could continue its illegal practices. Was known, Assabah, the Moroccan media reports that the cars were stolen mainly from France. The network went like this: cars were leased after which they take a few days as specified in the rental company were stolen. By this time the criminals had the vehicles transported to Africa for a long time. Via Spain, Morocco and Mauritania, the expensive rental cars eventually end up on the Malian car market.

Long time could the gang continue its activities until the local authorities in Kenitra air of the case. Striking as could, the gendarmerie that two French residents very often travelled by Morocco and each time with another vehicle entered the country. On the basis of GPS data of the rental companies one could the two persist, during the subsequent interrogations the suspects would soon have expressed their illegal activities. Assabah reports that they have different names of fellow gang members.

After the arrest, officers of the international law enforcement Organization Interpol travelled specially for these suspects off to Morocco. There it was found that they this year alone more than 20 luxury vehicles would have piped to Mali. During the interrogations would also be the Director of one of the affected car rental companies have been present, all this for the benefit of the research.

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