Saudi King Salman is visiting this summer Tanger, 827 hotel rooms booked

Just as almost every summer period does the Saudi monarch also this year Tanger and don't let that happen unnoticed.

The Moroccan Le360 media recently announced the arrival of a very special guest. The source reports that Morocco in a few days, the Saudi King Salman is welcome, it is expected that the monarch just as during the previous visit of the Saudi royal family the big is going. There would be no less than 827 hotel rooms are booked in the coastal city. So would one accommodation, Mirage hotel, all are reserved for the King, his family and visiting delegation.

His arrival is scheduled for July 21, there is a short at the airport welcoming ceremony where some officials of the Moroccan Government in will be present.

Le360 further reports that the Saudi King is not the only royalty will be Tanger are going to visit this summer. It also expected the arrival of the French president Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and King Abdullah of Jordan.

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