14 people who get severe penalties possible Royal procession in Tetouan disrupted

As many as 14 suspects can face severe penalties. In Tetouan aimed to disrupt the group the Royal procession.

According to the Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia, the authorities currently busy with the search for the 14 suspects. During the last movement of King Mohammed VI they tried to disrupt the procession, what their rationale for this was is still unclear.

The media reports that this is often the last period. One tries to get as close as possible to the King to request certain favors. So is trying to get letters with requests at the frost. Not unusual are envelopes with money with which a taxi license is required.

What penalties the defendants can look forward is still unclear. Though Ahdath Al Maghribia underlines the seriousness of the offence as an offence in Morocco is interpreted today.