After ' pink taxi ', now ' pink ambulance ' in Dubai

Dubai has launched an ambulance with only female ambulance staff, 2 female doctors and 2 female directors.

The four women are 12 hours a day, seven days a week, available to their sisters in Deira, a bustling old quarter in Dubai, to help. After this trial phase is to spread to Bur Dubai, another older neighborhood in Dubai. A new team for this extension is already trained.

Since the launch 3 weeks ago, they so far had 25 calls, of which luckily no a very serious.

"Female patients, especially in this country, are more hesitant if there are male doctors are," said Lagbes, one of the female members of the team, against the Daily mail UK.

"I can see the difference, because I previously worked with a male partner and now with a female partner work," she said. "I think that an all-female team here can provide a more efficient medical service".

"We have had so much positive feedback," said Rimm, another female member of the team. "People have told us that this is very helpful".

Ten years ago, Dubai launched the "Ladies and Families Taxis", a pink fleet taxis that are controlled by women and women and their children. The service is still available and very popular in Dubai.