Rabat: ' large ' Theatre will be opened at the beginning of 2019

If all goes according to plan, the construction of Rabat ' great theatre ' be finished in the beginning of 2019.

The ' great theatre ' is composed of a large multifunctional space with more than 1,822 seats and accommodations for different types of shows. The ' great theatre ' is expected at the end of the first half by 2019 visitors, said project manager Lotfi Benchekroun to the Moroccan news agency MAP.

"The theatre also has a small space, which has 127 seats, a restaurant with panoramic views, shops, cafes and a bookshop," added Benchekroun.

The design of the ' great theatre ' is a creation of the famous British architect died last year of Iraqi origin Zaha Hadid, known for its avant-garde designs and prestigious architectural works.

The ' great theatre ' of Rabat is part of the development program of the Bouregreg Valley, which was launched in January 2006 by King Mohammed VI.

The Bouregreg Valley development programme is aimed at the urban landscape on both sides of the Bouregreg River to transform and improve the attractiveness.