Morocco calls on France24 for rectification after misleading images protests Al Hocema

The Moroccan Minister of communication and culture, Mohammed L, the Arab branch of France24 asked to correct the error they have made at the broadcasting of images of protests in Venezuela where they claimed that those in Al Hoceima took place.

L sent a letter about this to Marie-Christine Saragosse, CEO of France Médias Monde, the national French media group that includes Monte Carlo Doualiya, RFI and France 24.

"Those images, which Venezuelan protesters as young Moroccans who by the forces of law and order in Al Hoceima in northern Morocco were pursued, caused confusion in the viewers of the tv channel and were misleading," said the Minister in his letter.

He expressed the "indignation" of the Moroccan Government about the error and requested that this error corrected and corrected.

"What France24 has done is in contrast to the most basic journalistic rules that each media, which deals with the transparency and objectivity of the news that is broadcast through its programmes, is required to respect".

On 13 July, a video clip broadcast on a news program that two days earlier by the French news channel aired. It was shared on Youtube, which shows that Venezuelan protesters try to hide from security forces on them shooting, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The scene was shown during an interview with Mohammed Zafar, a member of the defensive team that represents, with protesters arrested Reef-implied that the footage came from Al Hoceima.

The "blunder" is not the first one by the Arab branch of the French channel was created. In June they used even though images of marches relating to the International Labor Day on May 1, during a program about protests in Al Hoceima.

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