Rebels backed by Turkey clashed with Syrian Democratic armed forces

Rebels in Turkey are supported by Syria near Aleppo come with the Syrian Democratic armed forces (SDF), which are dominated by Kurds from Syria. The US support the SDF.

Observers from the Syrian Observatory for human rights (SOHR) reported Monday that the fights are escalated at Ayn Heng, about 30 km north of Aleppo. Also the SDF by Turkish soldiers under fire. The pro-Turkish fighters in the region are engaged in an offensive, according to the observers.

In the fight against the extremists of support the Daesh VS the SDF. Who composed of mainly Kurdish militias, the YPG or public protection units. Ankara considers the Kurdish guerrilla as terrorist and a great danger to the unity of Turkey.

The Turkish Government is also a fierce opponent of the regime of Syrian president Assad and supports rebels who mainly from Sunni Arabs. The troops of Assad and the Kurdish fighters locally work together in the civil war in Syria.

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