Noteworthy: searches for hidden treasures in Khénifra Gaddafi family

Different inhabitants of the city would eagerly looking for the mysterious suitcase with property of the former leader of Libya.

The Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia recently came with a remarkable interview. The source interviewed a resident of Khénifra, who wish to remain anonymous, about the supposed search for a case with among other gold as content. This would be after the outbreak of the civil war in Libya are taken away by a Moroccan resident who lived there at the time. The contents of that suitcase, gold and other prized possessions of the Gaddafi family, could be the reason that since then many inhabitants of Khénifra do excavations in the hope to find the suitcase.

Known even that some have tried to be the home of the now deceased man to buy, in the hope that the suitcase hidden there.

muammar al gaddafi