Dismantling of network specialized in obtaining residence permits by fake marriages

The Spanish Civil Guard has a network rolled up specializing in obtaining residence permits in the countries of the European Union by means of fake marriages.

Yesterday announced the Spanish Guardia Civil in Almeria on the dismantling "of a network that specializes in the Organization of fake marriages to obtain residence permits, particularly for Moroccan nationals".

The unusual increase in the number of registrations by foreigners in the municipal records of the Spanish city of Almeria in 2015 brought the case to light in the first place. The local authorities opened an investigation after which this specialized network finally it was discovered.

"The members of the dismantled network focused mainly on Moroccan nationals in an illegal situation in the countries of the European Union (EU), which they arranged marriages suggested so that they could obtain, in return for the right papers sums of money. From 3000 up to 4,500 euros ", the source said in a statement.

The tasks have been cleverly distributed among the members of the dismantled network. Some were responsible for finding migrants and women who are interested in fake marriages. Others were responsible for getting a social security number and still others for registration in the municipal registers.

There were 28 people were arrested. They are being prosecuted for "counterfeiting and infringement of the rights of foreigners". The research, which is still underway, concerns also 11 other people, reports Lefr360.

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