Israeli Christian girl killed by father because she wanted to convert to Islam

Henriette Karra, 17 years old, was found dead in the kitchen of her parents ' House with stab wounds in her neck.

The day after her high school graduation party trusted Henriette a relative to its plans to convert to Islam for her friend.

Henriette knew her Christian family in Ramle, a city in central Israel, would be furious. Her parents had during the year that Henriette had a relationship with her Muslim friend made it clear that her relationship with a Muslim a disgrace to the family.

They have allegedly beaten and threatened her in an attempt to break the relationship, after which Henriette the violence to the police, reported the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

Her boyfriend at the time was in jail, but would be there at the end of the week. On 13 June she told a relative of its plans to to stay with him and to convert to Islam. The family member called her father and told him Henriette's intentions.

On that day the police found Henriette death in the kitchen of her parents ' House, with multiple stab wounds to her neck.

Last Sunday, about a month after the death of Henriette, the Israeli police her father, Sami Karra, indicted for murder, the Israeli media reported. The authorities claim that Chad has his daughter killed by his "fierce opposition" to her relationship with the young Muslim man and its intentions to convert to Islam for him, reported the Jerusalem Post. Karra's lawyers argue that their client is innocent and claiming that there is a lack of forensic evidence.

After the death of Henriette, there were protests in her home town in which community leaders expressed their outrage that the authorities, knowing that the teen in a dangerous family environment, not had done enough to protect her.

"The school knew of the problem, the neighbors knew of the problem," said Samah Salaime, founding Director of ' Arab women in the Centre ', in an interview with The Washington Post. "The painful thing is that they complained. She was at the police station a week before she died ".

Henriette was a week before her death at the police station to file a complaint against her mother, who would have attacked her.

In the course of the investigation told the mother of Henriette de police that her husband was humiliated by the behavior of his daughter and as a prejudice to the "honour of the family" had seen.

In a conversation between the two parents, who the night before the murder by the police were registered, Henriette's mother, Aliham, to her husband asked why he had let go her to the graduation party. "Forget her, let her go to hell," he said. "It is still not a shekel (Israeli currency) worth chasing her to go, she is garbage. We have to beat her, its like a dog throw away and see how they do. She is already gone, I am her and you sat ".