Morocco will open an Embassy in Zambia in september

To the side contouring of a visit by the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mounia Boucetta, to Zambia, it was announced that in september a Moroccan Embassy will be opened in Lusaka.

The announcement was made at a press conference after a meeting between the Moroccan State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mounia Boucetta and her Zambian counterpart Harry Kalaba, reported the local press.

In addition to the announcement of this diplomatic representation in Zambia was the meeting between the two officials the opportunity to develop an action plan for the 19 agreements were signed during the visit of King Mohammed VI to the country early this year.

"It is necessary to have an action plan for the successful implementation of the 19 bilateral agreements that were signed during the Royal tour", explained Boucetta.

"These agreements will stimulate the economies of both countries and are signed to the ambitious South-South cooperation".

Boucetta has announced that "Morocco the socio-economic development program of Zambia will continue to support".