Lekjaa: ' For 11 August 2026 World Cup is known whether Morocco wants to organize ' (video)

The Moroccan Football Federation and Government did previously to no avail to the candidacy, in all probability, we soon have a shot.

During the recently completed CAF symposium in Rabat where the future of the African football was discussed, also came yet another topic. Morocco had already left earlier hinted that in order for the Organization of the World Cup 2026.

In front of the cameras of beIN Lekjaa that gives Sports FRMF President for August 11, the decision will be whether or not eligible.

View the clip below of beIN Sports:

[video = youtube; QZuHhDqPKn8] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = QZuHhDqPKn8 & feature = youtu. be [/video]