Al Hoceima: activists determined to demonstrate today

A variety of Moroccan activists from across the country are determined to demonstrate today, despite the earlier announcement of the local authorities that the 20 July demonstration is prohibited.

Several activists from the neighboring regions traveled to Al Hoceima to take part in the July 20 demonstration, as well as to the cities of Rabat, Fez and Casablanca.

On the way to Al Hoceima reported many activists that there are numerous check points have been set up by the authorities. "The police have the names on red cards registered by all those who enter Al Hoceima," wrote Omar Radi, an activist, on Twitter.

Upon arrival in Al Hoceima confirmed some activists on social media that the citizens of Al Hoceima offered them a place to rest, to recover from the trip and prepare for the demonstration

Most of the streets of the city that lead to Sidi El Abed and other areas, are surrounded by security forces. Several barricades were set up on 100 kilometers of the city, causing many activists were unable to complete their trip to the city, reported sources to Moroccoworldnews.

Omar Radi said that important parts in the city are overloaded with various security services; gendarmerie, FAR, DGSN. Also police officers in civilian clothes walking around. Radi also said that "the internet network is unusually slow", whereby "we can hardly tweeting or send photos".

The demonstration, whose location is not yet known, would not expected to start for 17:00 hours. For the demonstration is great media coverage expected, since most national and international media have previously entered the city.

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