Police take criminal marketplace about

The Dutch police have with an international coordinated action the criminal marketplace Hansa Market retrieved and under control.

Thus, the Dutch police together with Europol, the FBI and the DEA noticing more than a thousand drugs transactions per day.

The Dutch police was leading in the research, said Wilbert P, head of Rural research. With the push of a red button he received Thursday the criminal marketplace symbolic offline.

Previously made the U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions disabling known by another criminal marketplace, AlphaBay. The Dutch law enforcement authorities stress that not occurred as drug buyer or seller, but that after the takeover has acted as administrator of the market place. Thereby got one view of the identity of buyers and sellers.

This week is a topverkoper of the market place held in Krimpen aan den IJssel. In addition, three others arrested, but more arrests will follow. There are approximately five hundred buyers come into the picture, including buyers for their own use. In addition, seized on various accounts with a total of more than 1000 bitcoins, converted about 2 million euros.

Hansa Market operated on the so-called dark web, where criminals had access to it only through special software for illegal trade and to draw a line, for example with bitcoins. The police could find out encryption by disabling the names of drug traffickers.

"Netherlands has big sellers and that people can worry in the coming time '', said rural cyber officer M. Ebrahim of the public prosecutor's Office Thursday afternoon at a press conference in Driebergen. The drugs were sent according to all sorts of creative methods via the post.

The High Tech Crime Team of the police after the arrest of two German stakeholders saw chance to a server in Lithuania to take over and continue to work in Netherlands, except that the user that had an eye. Since 20 June was the criminal market place under supervision in the air, Thursday he was taken offline. It is the first time that the police infiltrated in this way is a criminal, virtual market place.

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