Al Hoceima: authorities deny death of young protester

The 25-year-old Imad Eardley yesterday seriously injured by being hit hard on his head was hit by an object.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about this incident. Some media claim that he took part in the demonstration, while still others claim that he did not took part in the demonstration and was on the way home from his work. About the cause of his severe injury is also no consensus between the media and the local authorities. For example, All Yaoum24 that he was injured by "the violent intervention of the forces of law and order" and say the local authorities that he was injured by "stenengooiende protesters".

Also is circulating that the boy now is deceased, this is strongly contradicted by the authorities. Imad would this morning in comatose state are flown to the Mohammed V military hospital in Rabat. "His condition is stable, in contrast to the information that is disseminated in this context," according to the local authorities of Al Hoceima and quoted by the Moroccan news agency MAP. Lefr360 reports that they have been in contact with a source in the military hospital and that also those reports that the boy is not deceased. His condition would be according to the source are serious, but stable.

The local authorities also reported that they have opened an investigation into the cause of the serious injuries of Imad.

There were pictures of the wounded Imad shared on social media, which are (note, not for the sensitive Viewer!).

There was also reports of dozens of injuries in the forces of law and order by throwing stones by demonstrators and injured on the side of the protesters. A police officer and a member of the national security service there are serious, and they too are this morning flown to the Mohammed V military hospital in Rabat. Their condition is stable.

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