Africa Cup from 2019 played in June, number of countries from 16 to 24

A very important decision was recently taken at the CAF symposium, held in the Moroccan capital Rabat.

Yesterday was a decision taken in the context of improvements that one wants to realize for African football. The continental Football Association CAF provided that their main tournament from now on no longer takes place in the middle of the season but in the month of June. This means also less worries for many European clubs who always had to miss their key players in that period.

The other decision was taken was that the number of countries participating in the tournament. Previously, this namely 16 countries, but as of that there will be no less than 24 2019.

The next edition will take place in Cameroon. Morocco is group enjoyed the host country, by increasing the number of participants should Morocco so as first or second finish in the qualifying Group. Only one other country from that group can still automatically places since Cameroon already posted is because of the hosting.

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