Moroccan Ministry of health warns pilgrims for cholera risks

The Ministry of health has Moroccans who go on Hajj, advised to take preventive measures to prevent cholera they incur during their journey.

The Ministry noted that, although the possibility of cholera on to run small by measures of the Saudi authorities, it is important to follow certain steps to the emergence and spread of the disease.

The opinion of the Ministry includes:

-Pay attention to personal hygiene, such as washing hands with water and SOAP before and after preparing food or the toilet use
-Drink only bottled water or drinking water drink that is provided in controlled places by the Saudi authorities
-Wash fruits and vegetables for consumption
-Disposal of Waste on the appropriate places
-Consume no food at stalls or food that has been prepared in doubtful circumstances or circumstances that do not respect the hygiene and health

The Ministry sends Moroccan health services to the pilgrims to guide and encourage each Moroccan to those sick to instituted, particularly pilgrims who have symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain or exhaustion.