Morocco launches first cord blood bank

The Mohammed VI hospital in Marrakech announced the launch of the first cord blood bank in Morocco.

This cord blood bank offers a new alternative for many patients with cancer (acute leukemia, chronic leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblastoma) who are waiting for a transplant of stem cells, but no matching donors within the family.

The umbilical cord contains large numbers of stem cells, which can mature into different types of blood cells. So far patients who were given red and white blood cells and platelets needed a bone marrow transplant. This is an important barrier formed by the requirement that the patient must be identical and the bone marrow donor for the so-called HLA-antigens. The HLA system, however, is very varied, making it difficult to find the right bone marrow donor.

"This technological achievement is the result of a harmonious teamwork of different departments of the Centre, namely the maternity care Department, the cord blood bank, the organs and tissue transplantation Department, laboratories and haematology Department ", said a statement from the Mohammed VI hospital to the Moroccan news agency MAP.

cord blood bank