Health Minister Monday in Al Hoceima

The Minister of health, Sama Louardi, will visit the public medical facilities, including the regional center for Oncology who recently received new medical equipment.

Under that new medical equipment, provided by the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima is funded, is among other things a 3D scanner, a cobalt source (a strong radioactive source used in radiation therapy), an autoclave (a device where by means of steam under pressure fluids, instruments, glass, some plastics and cloths can be sterilized) and the equipment for the operating room and recovery room.

"The visit will be an opportunity [for the Minister] in order to be informed about the State of the medical facilities in the region, including the regional center for Oncology," reported a statement by the Ministry of health .

During his visit, the Minister and his delegation are informed about the progress of the projects in the region. The Minister will also be meeting with elected officials, members of Parliament and some human rights activists in Al Hoceima.

The other health care projects that will be visited are:

-Mohamed V provincial hospital in Al Hoceima (new buildings have been added and renovated)

-The construction site of a future provincial hospital in Ajdir

-Hospital project near Imzouren

-The construction site of a future urban health centre level 2 and child healthcare space in Imzouren

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