Italian municipalities arguing over ' terreurlijk '

The municipality of Sesto San Giovanni ruziet with the big neighbor Milan about costs incurred for the preservation of the body of the perpetrator of the attack shot dead in Berlin, Anis Amri.

Milan wants the smaller commune there for the Bill because the terrorist in Sesto San Giovanni life left.

The body of Abbas was at the end of June, more than half a year after the deadly attack on the Christmas market in the German capital, transported to Tunisia. Until that time it was in Milan. That sent Sesto San Giovanni a bill of 2160.18 euros but Mayor Roberto Di Stefano is not going to pay. He calls the Bill "shameful and offensive" and never stated money from its citizens in favour of a terrorist will spend.

Di Stefano, the Italian law, however, against itself. Who writes that, if no one claims a body, the municipality where the person died for the cost of conservation Bill.