9 tips to things in Morocco

In some countries is just haggling at, that's not crazy and you need not to be ashamed of.

We put to you some tips one by one, so that you will well prepared if you want to bring something fun of your holiday. And remember, practice makes perfect, It's really not mind if it fails a few times.

Be polite and friendly During haggling, even if you don't end up together comes out. It should be of course, fun and bargaining will certainly not always succeed. A joke to create a positive setting also often works to your advantage.

As you saunter through the souk you will fix many beautiful things. Don't be too keen if you see something beautiful and stay there too long to stare. The seller know immediately that This article quite like you want and there are a lot of willing to fix pay that is not beneficial to your bargaining power.

If it is very busy in the shop/ the stall then walk further and come back when it is quieter. The most salespeople find a lower price no problem, but let this rather does not meet all of their other clients notice. If they give you discount, the rest of the customers, of course.

Before you start with amount you want to spend and haggling probably dont like it also. Be sure you also really want the product, if you in fact together comes out price-wise, it is intended that you really buy. It's not just a waste of your time, but also those of the seller if you're after a quarter of an hour haggling still runs away while there is a price is agreed.

Never start with a starting amount to call it, let the seller do this and then put themselves low in. Beginning with about half or one third of the price the seller mentioned and the most beautiful is like this also slightly below the amount you want to spend. So are you guys together hopefully to the price you want to pay for and where the seller agrees.

During haggling keep your money out of the picture. If a seller see that you have a lot of money will this already high bets because he thinks just as easily exploit a rich tourist. If you anticipate that you're going shopping dresses you than casual and do you love expensive clothes and flashy watch/sunglasses bit in your suitcase.

A tactic to the price yet what bring down to your desired amount is to walk away. Do not do this right in the beginning when you first hear of the amount requested, but if After a while you negotiate there not together comes out.  Walk quietly away and give it you get lucky at another seller search. Often you stopped and are you guys still out there together. The risk remains, of course, that the seller you really let go.

Make sure you empty handed to haggling begins. This means not only that you put your money out of the picture, but that you also have the desired item is not in your hands. If you with it article in your hands is to get things give you non verbally to you the article very much want and do not intend to go away without it.

Do you know locals (most probably have family or friends who you can drag along) then it This wise to carry, or to come back later if you something nice have seen. They often have the right price of this article and the starting price often sharply down. Do you know any locals? Speaking of the local language and the adoption of an offered Cup of tea/coffee often works also to your advantage.