Dead after shooting Israeli Embassy

One of the victims of the shooting on the grounds of the Israeli Embassy in the Jordanian capital Amman has died of the injuries. The death toll is accumulated to two people.

Two Jordanian men, working for a furniture company, insisted Sunday the Embassy inside, police said. One of them was shot dead. The other Jordanian citizen was injured taken to hospital, as well as an Israeli.

The area around the heavily guarded complex in an expensive district of the capital was sealed off immediately after the shooting of Jordan. What exactly happened is unknown. The Israeli Government has media forbidden to write about the incident and would not comment.

According to local media would be a young Jordanian citizen and an employee of the Israeli Embassy with a knife in the chest, before he was shot dead.

In Jordan grew the public rage against Israel over the last few days due to the situation on the Temple Mount in the old city of Jerusalem, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Thousands of Muslims took to the streets in Amman and other cities to protest against placing metal detectors at the shrine. Many of the seven million residents of Jordan are of Palestinian origin.