Vlogger Ismail Ilgün not prosecuted

' Treitervlogger ' Ismail Ilgün is not prosecuted, but he must now apologize in a vlog.

That has the Prosecutor's Office Monday. The 20-year-old Ilgün came last summer in the news with the vlogs that he made in the district poelenburg in his hometown of Zaandam. He insulted people in his movies and coincided with his friends strolling at the Mall where they dwelled.

The reproach to him including sedition, insult of State authority and the intentionally tarnish the honour and reputation of others. Ilgün was arrested last september and has then a number of days.

The vlogger now has several times its regret. It is partly for this reason that the decision not to prosecute him, but he must be excuse calls and an excuse-making for the residents of poelenburg vlog and the police. "If the vlogger all of these conditions have been fulfilled for september 2017, closed the case against him," said the ORDER.

It is satisfied with the positive way the vlogger is: he's not backslidden in punishable conduct, has publicly regret and is on its own initiative in the district agent. "He puts his fame for some time in a good way in society. So he makes vlogs about deprived he in a positive way in image is trying to convey. "

Ilgün does that, inter alia, for the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. He comes also during festival Lowlands early August tell about what he did that very Netherlands over him fell after his incendiary movies.

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