Update: Ajax makes more known about current situation Nouri

Just as Ajax rather neatly did, communicates it also today about the medical situation of their contract player.

As any person known each other for a number of weeks ago Nouri collapsed in an exhibition game against Werder Bremen because of a heart rhythm disorder.

Through official channels made Ajax the following known:

"On behalf of the family Nouri can Ajax report that Abdelhak of intensive care. He is currently being cared for at a Department that in hospital terms ' medium care ". The 20-year-old midfielder, who on Saturday July 8, JL. During Ajax-Werder Bremen with heart failure faced and as a result had to be resuscitated, not for some time more medically in sleep.

He has also now fully self-contained breathing. His situation is unchanged from the previous update, so stable but with severe and permanent brain damage.

The family Nouri thanks once again everyone who in any way has shown commitment and support and asks Finally, to each one to continue with the prayers for Abdelhak beg. "

Forget Nouri so not in your dua's. Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, is the only one who can cure him and our pleas will be answered Incha'Allah!