Spanish police gets Moroccan with blade whisk down at Melilla border crossing

A Moroccan man was arrested early this morning after waving a knife which he attacked the police at the border crossing Beni Enzar in Melilla.

The Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio tweeted: "the police have arrested a man who agents has attacked with a knife on the border crossing of Beni Enzar, one of them was slightly injured."

The Minister also shared surveillance images of the moment that the police the man, who would have mental health problems. In the video you can the man, with a blue top and white pants, see wave with a knife. A police officer then throws a white traffic separation, whereby he falls to the ground and the other police officers can overpower him. The video is what irritated, but is shown here:

"The man came running and shouting Allahu Akbar," the police spokesman told to AFP.

The Spanish police are investigating the motive of the perpetrator.