Marrakech: disappearance of body of deceased baby from hospital

The body of a newborn baby is gone from the University Hospital of Mohammed VI in Marrakesh. The family has filed a complaint to the case to clear up.

Al Ahdath message today that the father of the family has complained about the disappearance of the body of his dead daughter from the mortuary of the University Hospital of Mohammed VI.

According to Al Ahdath it all started a few weeks ago when a woman gave birth to twins. The twin was too early, with seven months, born, but parents were invited to the two girls to leave the hospital Ibn Tofaïl.

Some time later, when the baby's health worsened, the family went to the mother and child Department of the University Hospital of Mohammed VI. After a few hours of waiting was one of the two daughters brought back, but the medical staff was still trying to save her twin sister. The girl died after three days, but the medical staff suggested handing over the body.

After repeatedly urging of the family, hospital officials acknowledged in the end that the body by an error was handed over to a family from Youssoufia. A statement that the father not convinced, on which he has decided to the hospital to court by a complaint to the Office of the Prosecutor in Marrakech.

An investigation has been opened for this remarkable thing to clear up.