Open laboratory to Morocco ' black box ' of plane to be able to analyze

The Directorate General of civil aviation (DGAC) has inaugurated on 20 July in Rabat a laboratory where the data by electronic recording equipment for aircraft, also known as the ' black box ', can be analyzed.

The laboratory allows researchers to efficiently analyze the flight data to the causes and circumstances of accidents and incidents on airplanes to determine, as required by international standards, told the DGAC at the Moroccan news agency MAP.

The Minister of tourism, Mohamed Sajid, stressed that this laboratory one of the "best performers" and "the only one of its kind" is in the continent.

Black boxes (which, incidentally, usually orange) are composed of two cockpit voice recorders (CVR's) and a flight data recorder (FDR) which records flight data intended for use after an accident or incident. Research shows that black boxes help 90% of accidents in the air to explain, reports Moroccoworldnews.

"This kind of technology was not available in Morocco," said Sajid, noting that it now, thanks to DGAC-investment, it is possible to carry out a full investigation and the data at national level to ensure autonomy in research by aircraft accidents that occur in both Moroccan and foreign territory or airspace.

The DGAC has signed various agreements with its foreign counterparts, especially in 2009 with France, the United Arab Emirates in 2015 and 2016, in Saudi Arabia with the aim of experiences, information, expertise and training for researchers exchange.

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