Laura h. returned from Syria is released

The Laura h. returned from Syria is at large in anticipation of her criminal trial.

The District Court in Rotterdam on Wednesday decided the provisional detention of the 21-year-old woman to stay proceedings on 1 August. They must include a single band.

H. is since her return last summer from Daesh-area on the terrorist wing in Vught. Her lawyer Michiel Pestman had for months tried in vain to get her free. According to him, is much stricter than other female h. Syriëgangers that are returned to Netherlands.

Also what the public prosecution service (OM) was concerned, her process in freedom if h. wait and see. Until last week it had to overcome her release, because it was afraid that h. had come back to here to commit an attack. But according to the ORDER, no clues more and it is these tests are stopped.

H. is suspected of participation in a terrorist organization and preparatory acts to this end. That research is almost ready.

H. left mid-2015 with her husband Ibrahim and two small children to the proclaimed by Daesh Caliphate. She claims she was put under pressure by her violent husband. There it went bad and wanted them away. Eventually she could with her children, including flights with help from her father. Her case attracted a lot of attention, because they are after her escape on the Kurdish television appeared.

Her husband Ibrahim remained wounded in Iraq. Recently a video has been discovered from Iraq with a captured man speaking like him, but his fate remains unknown.

H. is now a year into the cell. She was not present at the ruling Wednesday.

The substantive treatment of her criminal trial begins 12 October.

laura h