Bouskal does his story about the recent robbery in Martil (video)

Moroccan-youth international Bouskal told to all Yaoum24 about the recent attack on him in Martil. His mother was present and asks for Justice, she does a job on King Mohammed VI.

Hamza Bouskal was in the company of his friends for their summer holidays in Martil. They inadvertently found themselves suddenly in the middle of a feud between criminal groups young people in the city.

The 16-year-old Bouskal didn't expect that his friends would flee away and him with about fifteen criminal would leave young people around, but they did though. He also tried to flee, but he is not familiar with the city and his attackers had quickly surrounded him on a deserted site. He was attacked with knives and even screwdrivers. They also robbed him of his jewelry.

Bouskal dragged himself later to the boulevard of the city, where he was seen by other citizens who warned the local emergency services. He was later taken to hospital Sheikh Khalifa Ibn Zayed in Casablanca to get the necessary medical treatment. After submitting a complaint to the police were two of the 15 people arrested.

[video = youtube; EVgWrEonOdo] v = EVgWrEonOdo [/video]