Moroccan woman gives birth at Melilla border post

A young Moroccan woman gave birth yesterday on the border of Melilla and was assisted by a Spanish police agent.

The young pregnant woman passed the border post Beni Ansar the Melilla when she "unwell" was, what turned out to be, she was about to give birth.

The policemen, who noticed her condition, tried to help her. They called help on, but it was urgent and they decided to move her to the building at the border post. Assisted by a Spanish police agent got the young woman there on site a little daughter.

An ambulance arrived shortly thereafter and took the young woman to the hospital Comarcal in Melilla. According to the health services is doing well with the woman and her baby, reports Lefr360.

at the Melilla border crossing with another with a knife wielding man and 24 hours later they are to helping at a childbirth, a varied job!

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