Injured in new unrest in Jerusalem

After a careful restoration of the rest on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem there are still clashes Thursday between Israeli police and Palestinians.

There were according to the relief organization Red Crescent over a hundred wounded by rubber bullets and tear gas. The agents would also have used the baton.

Thousands of Muslims jostled itself on and around the Temple Mount to go pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque. The Holy places were again released after the Israeli security service had taken away the controversial metal detectors. For an estimated 100,000 people was that the signal to the old town.

In the past few days were there, but also in other places in and around Jerusalem, massive riots with dead and wounded.

By the great rush Thursday and the "blackness" was one of the accesses temporarily closed. That led to new commotion and chaos. A number of young men climbed on the roof of the mosque to Palestinian flags to hang. The police took out that fast.

al-aqsa mosque