Uncertainty about terrorism case Suriname

The two Surinamese Dutch people who are stuck on suspicion of terrorist activities, are brought to trial Friday.

The Surinamese authorities have not made statements about the outcome of that session. The lawyers of the defendants say don't know if their clients stay longer.

About the suspicions against the two much uncertainty still exists. Even one of their lawyers, Raoul Lobo, recognized "precious little" about the case. The men are in control and not the lawyer to Friday had spoken.

According to local media the men are brothers who worked in the Islamic butchery of their father in Paramaribo. The authorities bring Dragon out on the case.

The lawyers did marveled at the way things are going. So they find it remarkable that their clients still in restriction.

The newspaper De Ware Tijd reported Friday that one of the brothers and a group of men more than half a year in the holes are held by the Central Intelligence and security service (CIVD). There should be evidence that they tried to recruit people to Syria and Iraq to join Daesh.

According to the Surinamese newspaper would have been the oldest brother may be a fellow administrator of one or more chat rooms for fighters. There would include are discussed how the border with Syria or Iraq unnoticed could be crossed.

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