Ksar El Kebir: police officer and Inspector suspended due to corruption

The Directorate-General for National Security (DGSN) has Wednesday night the decision to a policeman and a police inspector of the police station in Ksar El Kebir to stay proceedings pending a final verdict on criminal acts related to corruption.

The Prosecutor in Tangier had a brigade of the judicial police in the city of Larache, under the direct supervision and in the personal presence of a Prosecutor, to investigate a complaint via the free log number for corruption had entered. A person reported a complaint about the 2 police officers and accused them of blackmail, reports a statement of the DGSN.

The two were arrested after police officers involved in the Act are caught in the adoption of a sum of money. They were both arrested and placed in full custody. There is an investigation by the judicial police in Larache is performed under the supervision of the Prosecutor in Tangier.

ksar el kebir
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