Video of proud white shark fisherman who has caught jerks internet users (video)

The video of a fisherman in Al Hoceima jerks internet users, and with good reason. The catch, a white shark is classified as ' critically endangered '.

Different types of sharks are threatened with extinction, including the great white shark, one of the seven new classified species that find themselves in a critical stage of extinction, according to the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN). This classification should occur that fishermen catch these species, but this is clearly not the case with this young man in Al Hoceima, which makes a video with pride how he a white shark on a hook behind his boat.

The video quickly went viral on the internet, but not for a good reason. In addition to shocked internet users are also several researchers, who are trying to preserve the species, furious at the irresponsible attitude of the local fishermen and call for a general awareness about the danger of extinction of this species.

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