Stolen luxury cars: Interpol asks assistance of Morocco

The investigation into the matter of luxury cars, which are stolen abroad and in Morocco are introduced, Grand.

A new database of these vehicles has just been provided by Interpol to the Moroccan police, Al Massae today.  The centres at the border crossings have been given instructions to ensure a strict control on imports of cars.

Moroccan police services have precise information was provided by the authorities in Lyon (France) and the Italian and Belgian cities over stolen cars that are worth millions of dirham, as well as a list of Moroccans suspected of stealing luxury cars in order to enter with false documents in Morocco.

The luxury cars in different cities in Europe hired and then never returned. It would be specialized networks that use advanced techniques to the satellite positioning system (GPS) to get around.

In coordination with Interpol investigates the judicial police, under the supervision of the Attorney General of the King, the circumstances around the access of stolen luxury cars that already have been entered in Morocco. Many customs officers are here already about questioned, Al Massae.