Inhabitants Haaksbergen missing in Turkey

Three inhabitants of Haaksbergen are missing this month in Turkey.

The families of Joey Hoffman, Bjorn Banda and Alfred Chamberlain Derya Un have the contact with the three lost and are very concerned, reports the police Saturday.

Hoffman was together with Banda and his partner Un traveled to the coastal town of Silifke to contribute to the building of their home. Between 8 and 10 July would Hoffman back to Netherlands have traveled, but he is there never arrived. Then he is reported missing.

The police has spoken to people from its close surroundings and has had contact with the two on 21 July in Turkey. On 27 July reported family members that those two also are missing.

The police investigation has been extended and had contact with Turkish colleagues. The family of Hoffman traveled to the country and goes there is also report the loss in the hope that the investigation is extended.