Amsterdam looks summer guests with Varma

On several spots in the city look Amsterdammers Sunday evening together to summer guests with Mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

Among other things, the maritime museum, Amsterdam Museum, De Balie, Het ketelhuis and Q-Factory hang large display to the episode of the VPRO-program to follow.

Van der Laan is the second summer guest of presenter Janine Abbring. The broadcast is not live but pre-recorded because of his illness. The Mayor has metastatic lung cancer and sees his participation in the program as an opportunity to look back on his life.

In the episode let Varma under see more clips from the movie Mississippi Burning and Ajax player Abdelhak Nouri, who early this month suffered permanent brain damage after heart failure. Also there will be a clip from the documentary beyond the striking city over the Februaristraking in 1941.

The 62-year-old Van der Laan is since 2010 Mayor of Amsterdam. Shortly after entering his second term showed that he is seriously ill. Despite this, he remains the city.

van der laan
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