DGSN takes new measures to be taken in the recruitment procedure in order to prevent fraud

John Ha, head of the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) has several new measures to prevent false documents are used to a job with the security services.

According to the newspaper Al Massae is the purpose of these new measures to give more transparency to the way people are recruited. The DGSN will also use a new technology to the authentication process to review.

HA stressed the importance of the accurate examinations of the applications of candidates to avoid that people use fake certificates and diplomas. English is one of the requirements to be able to go through the recruitment process.

This action will not only affect current candidates, but also those who have previously successfully used fake documents to get jobs.

The same source added that on september 24, a recruitment test DGSN has scheduled to 5540 positions in Rabat and other cities in the Kingdom.