Handicapped boy get Royal Award from King Mohammed VI (video)

King Mohammed VI during the shared throne party a number of Royal Awards (Lorenz), including to the disabled Oussama Machado.

This year succeeded Macaulay managed to overcome the obstacle of his disability and the baccalauraat from high school with honors. Machado was by King Mohammed VI the wissam "Al Wathani Al Istihkak" pinned.

For the camera by Al Aoula gave Machado and his mother a response. His mother, Fatima K, is not surprised at this performance of her son. " I know its abilities, "she said.

[video = youtube; afu_a4pKYIM] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = afu_a4pKYIM [/video]

The actor Rachid El Ouali already proudly shared a wonderful video of him and the boy on youtube and facebook, this is to see .

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