Crown Prince Moulay Hassan met Palestinian children in Royal Palace in Tetouan (video)

Crown Prince Moulay Hassan received yesterday a group of Palestinian children from Al-Quds (Jerusalem) who take part in the 10th edition of the summer camp organized by the Agency Bayt Mal Al Quds.

"All due respect and respect to his Majesty King Mohammed VI for his care for children from Al-Quds for the 10th consecutive year. We also thank His Highness Crown Prince Moulay Hassan for the great reception, "said Maher Mafarja, head of the Palestinian delegation.

"In the last five years, the children of Al-Quds have been very happy with their stay here in Morocco".

"We thank King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan citizens for their hospitality in all places where we have been, whether it was at the airport or the historic and tourist sites we've visited," said a young Palestinian girl. "It was a great experience. We have learned about the culture of Morocco and found out that there are people from all over the world who support the Palestinian people ".

The Agency Bayt Mal Al Quds is affiliated with the Al-Quds Committee, which is chaired by King Mohammed VI, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The Agency, which is funded largely by Morocco, has invested in various development projects in the Holy City, with the aim to ease the burden of occupation on the Palestinians.

Summer camps Palestinian children have the opportunity to visit Morocco and some of Morocco's most famous places. This year, 50 children, aged between 11 and 13 years, used the program.

A total of 500 children from Al-Quds visited Morocco in the last ten years.

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