Fez: woman steals leading fiance and does false reporting of robbery

A young woman from Fez will probably have to pay a lot for her greed for money and her lies against the police.

The young woman from Fez was in contact a young man from one of the Gulf States. She got him an amount of 40,000 sent via a dirham transfer Office for the preparation of their engagement.

Helped by two girlfriends figured out they a robbery and did of this Declaration to the police station. According to the scenario that she had made up, two men on a motorcycle had her on a boulevard surprised and her from her handbag (containing the sent sum of money) and mobile telephone being robbed.

For the police investigation to this robbery reviewed the police camera footage that were included on the boulevard. They saw that a motorcycle that matched the description of the ' victim ' to her beyond reed, but without her. The investigation also revealed that the young woman had issued about 14,000 dirham.

Faced with these findings known the woman soon. She was, together with her two accomplice girlfriends, arrested and taken into custody, reports Lefr360.