Parties sheet uncertainty NVWA about eggs

Parties in the lower House have severe criticism on the communication of the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority (VWA) about whether or not eating eggs.

CDA mp Jaco Geurts calls the ambiguity is unacceptable. SP'er Frank Futselaar speaks of "chaos".

A top executive of the NVWA advised Tuesday evening eating eggs off for the time being because they may have been infected with the insecticide fipronil. But on the website of the NVWA only warned of eggs with a certain code.

According to Christian Democratic Appeal politician Gade had the need to communicate more directly and NVWA sharper towards the consumer to avoid ambiguity. That is her did not succeed and there they must be addressed, said Gade on Wednesday.

According to him, the poultry industry itself properly and adequately addressed by the eggs at an early stage to "block". He asks himself do wonder how the situation elsewhere in Europe.

Also Green Links is not satisfied with the action taken by the NVWA. That "should make every effort to ensure that consumers are informed as well and quickly as possible and the poisonous eggs retrieved," said House Member Rik Grashoff. "The suspect eggs must be recovered."

The infection with the pesticide "should never have happen," says Ganesh. He points out that the use of fipronil in the food chain is strictly prohibited.

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