Fatal crash near Tanger, 3 deaths

Three people, including a Moroccan living in Spain, died yesterday in a road accident on the bridge of oued Tahaddart.

A Moroccan living in Spain was going to his holiday to spend with his family in Morocco after a year's hard work. In the company of his wife, he drove on the way to Tangier when he car breakdown. The man called a repair car on, which was quickly on the spot, reports Lefr360.

Soon, however, there was a discussion between the driver and the two men from the car repair car on the price of the repair. The car driver was made the repair cost exaggerated high, told the wife of the car driver to the police.

While the three men stood to argue they were hit by a car that way too hard. All three men were such a projected 160 metres and were killed instantly, according to the findings of the police.

The cause of the accident, however, not stopped and ran off. A witness of the accident quickly reported to the police and then gave out a search warrant. The driver was then held at the entrance of Larache. It turned out to be a 26-year-old young man to go under the influence (of alcohol or drugs).

The bodies of the victims were transferred to the mortuary of the regional Mohammed V hospital in Tangier and an investigation was opened to determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy.